Driving Tips

Safety Driving Tips in Rain

When the rain is happening, of course for those who have vehicles, particularly cars certainly will experience some obstacles if they do not prepare their vehicle first. There are some safety driving tips that you should consider if you are about to drive in the rain:

You should notice all the rubbers and make sure that the whole conditions of the rubbers that contained in your car are in good condition, such as rubbers of windows and wipers. If there is any damage such as torn, you have to replace it quickly and repair the damage especially the wipers.Because if this happens then the wipers will not function optimally, and the water that flows in front of the windshield will disturb your view.

Before driving, you should also check all your vehicle parts, especially car tires, engine, wipers and other important parts, but do not forget all the other small parts as well. Make sure all your vehicle lights are in good condition, because in the dark especially at night, the lights will greatly assist you in seeing the road.

Do not ever break through the standing water; because you do not know how deep the water is, especially if you do not know the condition of the roads.

If you trapped in flooded areas, make sure that the water stays below the exhaust and ignition systems. You do not need to turn off your car engine even though your exhaust has been submerged since the exhaust pressure will block the water that comes into the exhaust.

When raining and the roads become wet,it would be better if you decrease the speed of your car, because if you drive very fast then the risk of slip and accidents will happen much greater.

When you’re driving in rain and a lot of lightning occurred, it’s strongly suggested for you to turn off the radio in your car, because some of the radio components are particularly vulnerable to the lightning.